about everyvine

what's this about?

everyvine was built because there is an astonishing lack of transparency in the wine grape community from the planting of a vineyard to the bottle on the shelf. we believe the quality of wine grapes is a function of two simple components: the combination of a high quality site with a smart grape grower. everyvine is built around the concept that if growers have tools to share the right kind of information about their vineyard, and everyvine provides the right kind of data and analysis, quality wine production can flourish. for example, grape buyers use everyvine to discover quality grapes they hadn’t considered before -- resulting in better prices for the grape grower -- and ultimately a better product for the buyers.

the mission of everyvine is simple:

“help organize the information of the world's vineyards and wineries and build analytical tools that help vineyards grow better grapes and wineries make better wine.”


Everyvine, 10400 NE 4th Street STE 2210, Bellevue, WA 98004